Performa Shaker DC Series Shaker Cup 800ml – Green Lantern


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800ml (28oz) Shaker – DC Series – Green Lantern

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Try our Performa Shaker today! Inspired by your favourite DC Comics Superheroes and Villains, our 100% Officially Licensed 28oz (828ml) shakers are great for a workout, and can be easily taken with you to any training session. Absolutely no one enjoys a clumpy mess of protein powder at the bottom of their shaker, it was with this in mind that we designed our ActionRod Technology, that ensures a solid mix every time! Once finished, our easy-to-wash shakers disassemble quickly and are dishwasher safe. We’ve even included an integrated handle (easily held with two fingers) to all our ACTIV shakers for easy transportation around the gym, and from station to station during your workout so you don’t have to worry about holding a ton of stuff at all times. Both lightweight, and portable, and comes with an extra wide mouth to drink from. We are so confident in our shakers, that we offer 100% leak-free guarantee on all of our Performa Shakers and a hassle-free guarantee so that you have peace of mind. This is the Performa Promise. One of the defining traits of most Superheroes is their strength, and we want our shakers to represent these characters well. Leaks and cracks happen sometimes, but we want to ensure that you have a functioning, usable product.

Collect all of your favourite characters today!

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Officially licensed DC Comics Superheroes and Villains
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Lightweight
  • Easily disassembled
  • Integrated handle
  • Wide-mouth
  • ActionRod Technology


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