Oatein Hype Low Sugar Protein Bar 12 x 62g – Salty Caramel


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High Protein (20g) Low Sugar Hype If we were a hip brand we’d describe the HYPE Bar as a guilt-free, premium protein bar or we’d say it was going to Raise The Bar.

But we’re too honest: so we’ll just say that it’s a great-tasting protein bar which is low in sugar, high in protein and comes with vegan protein options.

We’re pretty certain we know how to make the best protein bar in the world.

Are you sick of generic protein bars which taste chalky and bland? It’s time to believe the hype.

Our oat-based hype bar tastes like a moreish snack you’d enjoy with a cuppa – but it’s packed full of protein and comes low in sugar, making it ideal for post-workout recovery or just as an added part of your fitness routine.

The HYPE bar is made to smash every snack hankering you’ve got.

This quad-layer oat-stravaganza delivers 20g of Protein, less than 2g of Sugar and comes in at UNDER 220 calories per bar.

Don’t waste time looking for better protein bars – you’ve already found it.

With unbelievable taste, great nutritional values and satisfying oats to help you feel fuller for longer, Hype really is the best protein bar around.

#BELIEVETHEHYPE Key Benefits: 20g of Protein Less than 2g of Sugar Under 220 calories Palm Oil Free Suitable for Vegetarians Vegan protein bar option in the Triple Chocolate flavour Incredible Texture Please note: When buying variety boxes, if a flavour is out of stock, your variety box will be made up of the flavours we do have in stock.


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