Oatein High Protein Brownie 12 x 60g – Double Chocolate Chip


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High Protein (15g) Brownie Look, we know you’re chasing your goals – but sometimes, everyone just wants a decadent snack that melts in your mouth.

We’re talking about something gooey, chocolatey and oh-so-delicious.

Why not take the sting out of that snack with our scrumptious brownies? Not only are they absolutely wonderful, they are also packed with protein and packed with the goodness of oats.

So if you’re going to have a delicious snack, make it an Oatein brownie in one of two unbelievable flavours.

The new double chocolate brownie recipe is chewy, gooey and best of all: entirely VEGAN! That’s right – a vegan protein brownie you can enjoy guilt-free.

The white chocolate chip flavour is a decadent brownie that is stuffed full of added crispies for a sweet-crunch treat.

Here’s a top trick from the team here at Oatein – we think our brownies are even better after 10-15 seconds in the microwave.

So give them a quick blast and enjoy the ultimate creamy, guilt-free snack.

The perfect way to treat yourself after smashing it at the gym, on the bike or after exercise.

Key Benefits: Super Value – 12 Brownies per box Choose double chocolate for a vegan protein brownie! 15g of protein Loaded with tasty oats


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