Nutry Nuts Peanut Butter Cups 12 x 42g – White Chocolate


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Pack of 12 x 42g Peanut Butter Cups – White Chocolate

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Offering you a high quality protein punch! Just when you need it most! Our Nutry Nuts Peanut Butter Cups (White Chocolate) pack a cool 12g of muscle replenishing protein per 42g serving, has really low sugar values and is free from both gluten and palm oil. A highly nutritious snack for any workout.

A typical day can be stressful, and energy draining; and when you are craving some quality protein to give you a boost, there’s no better fix than Nutry Nuts delightfully tantalising white chocolate peanut butter cups.

Key Benefits:

  • 12g protein per serving
  • Low Sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • Palm-oil free


Nutritional Information:


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