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30 Packs – Animal Omega

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Omega fish oil has generally come to the mainstream masses in recent years and has taken off in terms of popularity. Generally, they support the cardiovascular system and joint health, boost immunity, and enhance metabolism. Animal Omega comes enhanced with Sesamin, along with a precise, controlled, pre-dosed ratio of n-3 and n-6 Fatty Acids including EPA, DHA and CLA, providing much-needed healthy and absolutely essential fats to a dedicated athlete’s lean and clean protein and carbohydrate-heavy nutritional program. Essential Fatty Acids, made famous in the mainstream by the popularity and proliferation of fish oil supplements for general health, have numerous benefits for weightlifters including enhancing metabolism and bettering body composition, improving cardiovascular health, optimising natural hormone production and fighting training-related inflammation which can dramatically benefit joint health and function.

Key Benefits:

  • 10 different sources of Omega 3’s and 6’s
  • Supports heart-health
  • Supports the cardiovascular system and joint health
  • Boosts immunity

Recommended use:
Use Animal Omega as you would your regular essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement.
Take one pack of Animal Omega at a time.
You may take up to two daily, as you need it.

Nutritional Information:

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.


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