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21 Packs – Animal M-Stak

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Organic hormone booster that supports anabolism by incubating protein synthesis, nutrient partitioning, and nitrogen retention. Animal M-Stak will help you to smash through plateaus and experience real progress. Are you a gym regular and have been plagued by ever stagnating results? The time has finally arrived for you to put your trust in Animal M-Stak. M-Stak makes use of various complexes and nutrients to achieve the desired effect of increasing muscle. Works wonders when combined with the right foods and proper training, M-Stak will give you the best support in making lean muscle gains when combined with good practices and a balanced diet. The various complexes blended in the formula include: The Flavone/ Sterone Complex, which contains Beta-Ecdysterone, Turkesterone and Methoxyisoflavone is your lead complex helping to induce anabolism by generating a more primed environment for utilisation of nutrients. This is the complex that will help body-builders overcome their plateau. Animal M-Stak’s M-Factor transport complex promotes nutrient absorption of the powerful formula components. This complex contains Ginger Root, plus additional absorption enhancers 6.7-Dihydroxybergmottin and BioPerine, which may help assist the myriad of muscle growth factors in the M-Stak formula. It’s no surprise that M-Stak is so loved by our community, a jam-packed formula for hardgainers, with a multitude of benefits. Try M-Stak now!

Key Benefits:

  • Helps support muscle growth
  • Supports a healthy metabolism and insulin support
  • Helps you to absorb nutrients more efficiently through nutrient partitioning

Recommended use:
Take a pill pack every day for 21 straight days.
On training days, take it 30-45 minutes before lifting.
On off days, take it between meals.
Cycle Animal M-Stak for best results—three weeks on, one week off.
Repeat as needed.
The entire Energy Complex (stims) contains approximately 200mg of caffeine and is contained in the single red capsule.
Remove it as you see fit.

Nutritional Information:

Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours.


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