Vidrate was co-founded by Rob Bennett-Baggs and Nick Hird in 2019 as they set out to produce a product that can provide a burst of hydration and energy when consumed. Vidrate continues to produce new flavours and varieties of their product in order to tackle the issue of dehydration in society with the company undertaking research to discover that less than 1% of people drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. All Vidrate products are made with natural ingredients and contain zero sugar. The company works hard to provide nutritional hydration options while also working to reduce its impact on the environment and the packaging for 75 Vidrate sachet equals to the same amount of plastic used on normal 500ml plastic water bottles. Vidrate explains that they ‘believe in providing natural healthy hydration so you can live life feeling fantastic’ and their core values expand from their drive to address dehydration and promote healthy lifestyles.

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