Energy powders contain an abundance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to give you a much needed boost of energy. The powders should be mixed with water to create a nutritious energy drink. Adding more or less water gives you the ability to choose how strong the drink is which is an added benefit pre mixed energy drinks don’t provide. We stock a wide selection of energy powders with mouth watering flavours like mixed berry and citrus from popular brands such as High5.

Energy powders help fuel your body full of the nutrients that are lost during intense workouts. They aim to give you a boost of energy and hydration to either help you power through your workout or to make you feel refreshed afterwards. Using energy powders is helpful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an extra push during their exercise sessions at the gym. The fast release carbohydrates will power up your body, making strength training and high endurance workouts such as long distance running, swimming and cycling easier. Here at Medalist, we aim to meet a wide range of personal needs which is why we stock energy powders that are suitable for vegan, gluten free and vegetarian diets. Our products are openly accessible for beginners, experts and anyone in between! 

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